Welcome To Southfield

Combine Chaotic Crops

Grow a harvest that bounces, booms or chimes a tune. Crops that levitate and glow as they grow!

Be More Bud

You’re a big, bouncy Bud – freshly sprouted and ready to roll out and explore the Island!

Fun with Friends

Play with up to three other Buds and give yourselves a unique look with quirky outfits, colours and patterns.

Experiment with Machines

From trampolines to air cannons, conveyor belts to boxing gloves, you can make farming automation fun.

Build Your Own Way

Go wild with creative sandbox tools to construct super unique builds in Southfield!

Beware the Ruffians

Southfield’s spectral mischief makers are out to cause chaos for you and your crops – so watch out!

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Press and creators

Here are all the tools and resources you need to start your Southfield story.